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Promoting such strategic thought processes affords leaders in all sectors  the opportunity to be better prepared to cope with global trends, coordinate efforts, generate risk-minimizing strategies, and take advantage of emerging opportunities over the long term.

Understanding the significant influence of foreign policy and global trends on international and local affairs, CEELAT’s analysis emphasizes on issues that detail sustainable development, trade and economic integration, demographic changes, management of natural resources, energy security, migration, and the risks associated with asymmetric and transnational threats. Currently, CEELAT has programs on energy cooperation, natural resources management and climate change, strategic dialog and diplomacy, and corporate social responsibility.

Often our research and projects stretch across programs to offer a more comprehensive and practical analysis of the issues, policy options, available solutions and action plans.

Energy Cooperation Program

Since this programwas created in 2006 its purpose has been to promote hemispheric wide cooperation on energy issues, the understanding of common challenges, the benefits of new technologies, emerging international standards and regulations, and innovation.

Corporate Social Responsibility Program

This program promotes cooperation among members of various industrial sectors as well as coordination between different actors and stakeholders to provide innovative ideas for action.


Strategic Dialogue and Diplomacy Program

The Strategic Dialogue and Diplomacy Program intends to identify points of understanding and increase the flow of informations between governments; academia; businesses in the region; and interested parties throughout Europe and North America.

International Cooperation Program

Via the International Cooperation Program CEELAT supports and advises national and local government bodies, the private sector, NGOs, foundations, and universities in creating international ties to provide for a path to international cooperation.

Natural Resources Management and Climate Change Program

CEELAT's newest program offers analysis and recommendations for the long-term management of natural resources, focusing on national security, and issues related to climate change mitigation and adaptation.  

Global Trends Program

This program analyzes global trends capable of influencing, either directly or indirectly, the activities undertaken by governments and companies.

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