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Building the City of the Future One Block at a Time - Santa Marta, Colombia

CEELAT partners with Living City Block - LCB to work on the development of LCB Santa Marta and LCB Latin America.  

LCB is an ini­tia­tive to help cities redesign and retro­fit inef­fi­cient and/or aging build­ings at the block scale and is com­mit­ted to work with com­mu­ni­ties to cre­ate resource hyper-efficient, eco­nom­i­cally sus­tain­able and health­ier and more liv­able neighborhoods.  

Aggregation of square footage at the block scale enables economies of scale for small-medium sized build­ings and lends the abil­ity to work with local gov­ern­ments to imple­ment not just trans­for­ma­tive energy solu­tions, but also to rework water, waste, health­ier streets and better community relations.

Promoting Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in LAC

Currently CEELAT hosts the regional office of the Latin American and Caribbean Council on Renewable Energy (LAC-CORE).   
Since 2008 both organizations have been working together in the efforts to bring renewable energy and energy efficiency into the mainstream of the Latin American and Caribbean regions - via diverse outlets such as regional economy, industry, trade, government, environment, and climate change.

By engaging these regions on multiple levels, we aim to reduce regional dependence on fossil fuels, improving health, safety, and economic security in the hemisphere.

Book Launch: Energy Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere

CEELAT CEELAT with the support of the National Hydrocarbon Agency of Colombia - ANH published the Spanish version of the book titled “Energy Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere: Benefits and Impediments,”  edited by Sidney Weintraub with Annette Hester and Veronica R. Prado, with a forward by Luis Alberto Moreno.

Energy Cooperation in the Western Hemisphere: Benefits and Impediments examines the state of energy cooperation among Western Hemisphere oil and natural gas producers and the opportunities for greater cooperation. 


Americas Quarterly

CEELAT and Americas Quarterly – AQ have established a partnership to disseminate policy analysis and promote policy debate throughout the Western Hemisphere.Launched in 2007 by Americas Society and Council of the Americas, AQ reaches over 17,000 readers—high-level policymakers in WASHINGTON DC and throughout the region, top-level business men and women investing in the Americas, and new leaders in the worlds of finance, business, politics, and the media. 

AQ has gained a reputation as a balanced, authoritative, and accessible journal that responds to issues facing the region and brings a diverse set of key players to the table.Editorial Board members include former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Ricardo Lagos and Ernesto Zedillo, as well as a new generation of emerging scholars from the worlds of economics and political science.

Cooperation that will benefit the region

Luis Giusti announces the partnership between CEELAT and the Corporación Centro Latinoamericano de Energía – CCLAEN.  
This partnership has been established to add value to the analysis and discussion of regional affairs among business leaders, public officials, political leaders, the academia, and the public in general, by looking closely at energy issues within the regional and international context.

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